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Linda's Matthew Ministry

Our ministry is dedicated to providing the basic necessities to our brothers and sisters in need. This is achieved, primarily, through gallon sized zipper storage bags filled with food and hygiene products - items that many of us take for granted, but which are precious and rare to the homeless.

Contact Ruth Denofrio  |  Tel: 630-759-5955


Exodus World Service

We proudly work with Exodus to turn an empty apartment into a home by collecting and delivering basic household items for the kitchen, bath and bedroom, as well as a food staples. The refugee individuals and families that we assist come from all over the world!

Contact Stephen Erickson  |  Tel: 630-759-5955


Grace and Race

Our Grace and Race Fellowship is helping our church discover understanding, empathy, and mutual commitment in love across the racial and ethnic lines that divide so many.  Safe, honest conversations and educational opportunities form this cornerstone of our community.

Contact Donnie Williams  |  Tel: 630-759-5955


Ashes to Go

On Ash Wednesday, we take ashes to the people because that reminder of need, humility, and healing shouldn’t be confined to a church building.  We offer ashes while providing drive-thru service in our parking lot!

Contact Our Church Office  |  Tel: 630-759-5955

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Christian Education

Our Holy Moly Sunday School Program is

designed for our younger congregants.

Our Sunday Seminars cater to those 16 years

of age and older and are held on Sundays

after our service.

Contact Laura Keyser or Paula Howard  |  Tel: 630-759-5955

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