The Peace

Who is welcome?

You are welcome here!  Holy Eucharist is celebrated every Sunday at 9:00am.

Adults, children, people with disabilities, and families of all shapes and sizes are welcome at St. Benedict.  We are handicapped accessible and offer hearing-assistance devices and large-print bulletins in our worship service.  Some people wear jeans to worship and some dress in their “Sunday best.”  You are welcome to dress in a way that will help you worship God best.


What is it like to worship at the Church of St. Benedict?

We worship according to The Book of Common Prayer, the historic book of worship for the Anglican and Episcopal Church. Every Sunday, we hear scripture readings from the Old and New Testaments, recite a Psalm, hear a sermon, sing hymns, offer prayers, and, most central to our worship together, we celebrate and share in holy communion.  All who seek a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ are welcome to share in the bread and the cup.  Our worship service is printed out completely each week in a booklet that is easy to follow and understand.

Anointing for healing (receiving a gentle mark of the cross on your forehead of blessed, scented oil) is offered every Sunday during communion. Anyone seeking spiritual, emotional, or physical healing is invited to come forward; if you’d like to spend more than a moment in prayer for healing, you are invited remain in the sanctuary after worship for private prayer or anointing by trained lay people or by the priest.

After worship, you are welcome to share in coffee, juice, refreshments, and conversation in the parish hall or to join in the “Sunday Seminar” for lively discussion on a topic having to do with Christian life and learning.  Christian education for children is usually offered every other week.


How can I learn more?

You are invited to find out more about Episcopal worship and the Christian community of St. Benedict by joining us for one of our services on Sunday mornings or one of our upcoming events.  You can also learn more about what it means to be an Episcopalian from the national Episcopal Church website or the global Anglican Communion website.

How do I find St. Benedict?

We are located at 909 Lily Cache Lane, near the corner of Lily Cache Lane and Lindsey Lane, two blocks east of Weber Road and across from the Bolingbrook Recreational and Aquatics Complex.

Anything else?

You, your questions, and your faith journey will be welcomed and valued at St. Benedict!

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