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A.S.K. (And So we Kneel) is the name of the intercessory prayer group at our church. ASKers are dedicated to making daily intercessions for those on the prayer list and for any confidential requests for prayer. They do this at a time and place of their own choosing and as the Holy Spirit prompts. They are also very happy to offer prayers of thanksgiving for blessings received.

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Healing Prayer Team

The Healing Prayer Team is a group, currently composed of six people, who have been trained in the ministry of healing prayer. They take very seriously the promise that “whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive.” They offer individual healing prayer on the first and third Sundays after worship for those who need healing in body, mind, heart, or spirit. The healing prayer experience is private and confidential. In addition, the team offers healing prayer to individuals in their homes, the hospital, and in the community. Members also pray with patients at the Bolingbrook Christian Health Clinic each month.

At the Church of St. Benedict, we also offer Anointing for Healing during our Sunday worship service, immediately after receiving communion. Our priest also anoints for healing on the last Sunday of the month after the worship service. Participants gather in a community circle and join in prayer for each person anointed.


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