Interim Rector & Priest – The Rev. Donna Ialongo

Interim Rector

When I was about 10 or so, I often played “Mass” with my brothers. I used grape juice for wine and Necco Wafers (a sugary, host-shaped confection) for bread. My priestly garb was two white bath towels, safety-pinned together and slipped over my head. My brothers were my altar boys as I stumbled through the Latin as best I could, and they did their best to respond. I was as serious about what I was doing then as I am now. But, it’s taken me an awful long time to get here.

In between my childhood Latin Mass and becoming Interim Rector at St. Benedict, I raised a child; I waited for a husband at risk in a war zone; I was a college professor; I worked in corporate America; I was an atheist; I found my way back to God; I was laid off; and I cared for aging parents and sadly watched them die. I also served as Interim Rector at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn, IL.

With God’s grace, I learned from my mistakes and took comfort over and over again from Jesus reminding all of us to “Consider the lilies.” I am finally grateful for all my experiences, but I am especially grateful for Jesus’ assurance that I am taken care of and all will be well.

I love being called to serve at St. Benedict because everyone, without exception, is welcomed to the church and to the communion table. And it’s not, “You’re welcome as long as you become like us.” It’s “You’re welcome. We want to learn from you, and we will grow together in Christ .”

Contact Rev. Donna at:  revdonna@stbenedict.ws


Secretary – Mrs. Denise Majewski


Contact at:  info@stbenedict.ws


Class of 2019
Erica Barta
Donna Williams

Class of 2018
Mark McPhail
Henry Vega

Class of 2017
Ruth Denofrio (clerk)

Tish Sanborn (warden)
Mark Wright (warden)


Music Director – Mr. Brian Cromer

Choir Director
Brian Cromer has been at St. Benedict since 2010, leading our SATB choir and playing piano. He enjoys leading anthems a capella, and teaching music from African American spirituals to medieval motets to Arvo Part. Brian is also a music teacher at Komensky Elementary School in Berwyn and the Director of the Chicago Metro Chorus & Barbershop Harmony Society.
Contact Brian at music@stbenedict.ws

Nursery Caregivers

Sundays, 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Children ages six and under are welcome. Our nursery has its own bathroom. Children must be signed in and out by parents. “Keeping God’s Children Safe” methods are followed.

Kat Escobido


Cindy Dauber



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