Maundy Thursday supper, April 2, 2015

The 2016 Giving Campaign for St. Benedict

Dear friends,

You are invited to join in St. Benedict’s annual Giving Campaign. Every year, the congregation is asked to join together in financial support for the church’s mission and ministry for the coming year. Almost all of our income comes from our own member households.

But what, you may ask, is the church’s mission?

Here at St. Benedict, we are all about God’s hospitality – most especially in the person of Jesus Christ — and we are about the diversity of all God’s children. Our mission is to embody God’s hospitality and diversity, right here in Bolingbrook in everything we do. And so, our Mission Statement is JESUS ACCEPTS ALL AT HIS TABLE; SO DO WE.


Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Sunday 2015

The Giving Campaign invites all households to consider prayerfully how much per week, per month, or per year they will give. Knowing the amounts of these gifts allows the finance team to do the church’s financial planning for the year to come. Each gift is called an annual “pledge” – a financial and also spiritual pledge to the church, to God, and to you and your family.

However, a pledge is not a contract. Your pledge is kept in confidence and treasured as a sign of your trust. It is not publicized or scrutinized – only received with gratitude. If you need to reduce your pledge for any reason, you can talk with the priest or the treasurer — no questions asked, knowing we have grace in abundance.

You help make possible the existence of St. Benedict as a place to worship God here in Bolingbrook, available to all. Prayerfully consider your giving; think about what St. Benedict means in your life. Thank you so much.


Our Ashes To Go team, with smudged thumbs, on that frigid Ash Wednesday morning, February 2015.

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