‘Tis the season To Be Jolly (December 17th, 2017)


Being Jolly? Some days it seems like that’s yet one more impossible task.

Often it seems there’s no end of things nudging us toward feeling “Blue” at Christmastime. We feel sad, lonely, anxious, lost, rushed, frustrated, disappointed – and that’s just for starters.

On December 17th at 5 pm, Bolingbrook’s Church of St Benedict offers a respite from those feelings of hurt, Evensong For a Blue Christmas. Guests are offered a moment to light a candle, relax in soothing music and most of all, find comfort and care.

The feelings arising at Christmas are unequivocally poignant. We grieve those we love who are no longer beside us. We think about the traditions we expect to uphold, but can’t. We look at our finances and find there’s too much month at the end of our money. Sunshine days diminish. The cold seeps deep into our inner core. A forest of “D’s” seem all around: depression and discouragement and deep, deep disappointment.

St. Benedict’s night of Evensong might seem to last for just a moment, yet it offers a lasting effect. While resting in the calm we can give ourselves a much needed gift – realizing we’re not alone. Comfort, understanding, prayers, hope, being heard and accepted – the feelings arising from those moments can last through the season. They can last as long as we need them.

Come, light a candle and rest in the calm. St Benedict is at 909 Lily Cache Lane in Bolingbrook. Evensong For A Blue Christmas begins at 5:00 pm.

You are welcome, no matter which Church you attend, or there’s none you call your own.  You are welcome.

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